Poo Patrol

RYDER AND HIS team of pups have received a lot of heat from the residents of Adventure Bay over the last few weeks.  The team of pups have been leaving their ‘business’ around town.  The Local Authority, headed up by Mayor Goodway, introduced a new policy in May of last year.  The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 2016 was introduced, meaning that dog owners have a responsibility to ensure that their dogs’ mess be cleaned up otherwise fines of up to $1000 may be issued.

Ryder, who owns six pups and occasionally hosts others (Everest & Tracker), has been issued a series of complaints along with fines for his irresponsibility.  He also owns Robo-Dog who, despite the amount of ‘Canine Bytes’ he consumes, thankfully doesn’t excrete.  A further inquiry into what kind of ‘deposits’ Robo-Dog makes is currently under way.

One of the most vocal of the complainers, Mr Porter, stated “As much as Ryder and his team has helped and continues to assist with any issues in and around the town, he does have a responsibility to clean up after them [the pups]”.  He went on to say “Just the other day, Alex (his grandson) was playing with his toy cars.  He was pretending they were part of the Paw Patrol and as ‘Rubble‘ was conducting a rescue in a pile of, what he thought was mud, he started crying as his hands stank of dog [expletive deleted].”

Mayor Goodway has been under a lot of pressure to resolve this matter.  Some fear she may be biased and ineffective at enforcing the legislation.  Others think that she may be in Ryder‘s ‘pocket’ considering she is usually quick to his and his team’s defense and, to date, has received the most assistance from Ryder and co.

Mayor Goodway was unavailable for comment, however Chickaletta had a few choice words.  Sadly, due to the large number of chicken readers, we cannot publish what she had to say.

Ryder and the Paw Patrol have received a Summons and are due to appear in the Adventure Bay Supreme Court later this month.

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