eBay Removes Popular Welsh Feature

eBAY HAS ROLLED back a much-loved feature for its Welsh users – in December 2016, on the run-up to Christmas, the company introduced the ‘Buy It Now In A Minute’ button.  The popular site, ‘Who’s Coat’s That Jacket?’ opened a poll back in the first quarter of 2016 about enhancing eBay for Welsh users.  Other suggestions, such as

  • changing the billing/shipping label to ‘Where you to?/Whereby’s it goyin?’ – this was removed due to sellers having issues understanding – especially sellers with the U.S.
  • an automatic template for negative feedback (I’m not being funny but what it is see, butt…)was put in place and shortly removed due to the burden on character limit
  • the footwear category was renamed as ‘Daps’ – this still remains provided the users’ location settings are enabled
  • in the courtesy e-mails after a user receives assistance, a short survey with radio button choices as to how they felt about the support received – Lush, Tidy, Awright, buzzin, Fumin Tampin’ Ragin.  These have been removed due to poor training and misunderstandings within the off-shore support areas

The amended ‘Buy It Now’ button was reverted back to its original state as of 3rd January 2017.  eBAY had a record number of cases escalated to them due to sellers’ misunderstanding the change – for many hardened sellers, ‘Buy It Now’ basically means to pay now or shortly after.  ‘Now In A Minute’ generally means any time so the frustration caused by lackadaisical buyers and impatient sellers resulted in eBay making the switch back.  eBay has also had some flak about this move as, during the festive season, the company had taken on another 1,500 off-shore employees , with a scope to retain 50% after the New Year based on economic growth.  However, due to the costs of ‘Goodwill Gestures’ and absence (many of the staff – old and new – were reported to have been off work) due to stress because of the sheer workload plus the mind-frazzling nature of the communications between Welsh users and themselves/sellers.

Leslie from Mumbai, a former employee who was sacked for his absence levels commented, “I had no ideas what theys was sayings to me.  The customer would complains to me and I couldn’t understands the words in which theys was usings so I would call out the big guns because the little guns had failed.  I even tried usings the motivation tipses from a Youtubes video by sayings ‘Happy Harrowe’en’ but the customers they did not listens.”

Facebook did something similar off the back of a comment from a reader in the popular ‘NOW!  In A Minute’ magazine and changed the ‘What’s on your mind?’ to ‘Alright or wha?’  Due to the huge volumes of users seeing it as an invitation to lay all their woes on thick, Facebook reverted it back within a week of the initial update.  Mark Zuckerberg stated that he did not see the point in such a minor change to have even happened for another part of England.

Bitcoin seems to have successful cashed in on their Welsh-only currency ‘RarebitCoin’ despite users’ failing to come to terms with the fact that the currency is virtual and cannot be added into their coin albums or for use at the local off-license to sate their White Lightning thirst.

In a bid to rival the successful website ‘Which?’, ‘Issi?’ has launched a new website for expert advice and reviews for all things Welsh.

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